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Adult Lecture Series: Healing Arts and the Importance it Plays in the Healing Process

Presented by Parker Arts

Mar 4, 2020 The PACE Center

Speaker: Barbara Sims, Healing Arts Coordinator, Parker Adventist Hospital

What difference can live music make in the healing process? What is the science between live music versus other types of music? What are some of the amazing stories which can be told related to live music and how it can make a difference not only in a patient’s life but also in your life? How does Visual Arts help in the Healing process? Would you personally like to experience some live therapeutic music and feel refreshed? Barbara’s hope is that one may be inspired with the potential that live music can have in not only a patient’s life but also in one’s own life and come away feeling renewed, refreshed and reinvigorated as a result of our time together.

About the Adult Lecture Series

The Parker Cultural and Scientific Commission is pleased to present talks on topics that impact Colorado citizens and residents of Douglas County. The intent of these talks is to increase the understanding of how arts, science and technology affect current and future issues facing our community, and provide the opportunity to learn and discuss a variety of trending topics.

All lectures take place at PACE Center and are FREE and open to the public. We like to anticipate the number of guests attending, so although an RSVP is not required, it is appreciated. Please RSVP via email, Sign Up Genius, or phone at 303.805.6800.

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