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Family Discovery Series: Doctor Noize Unplugged

Presented by Parker Arts

Oct 5, 2019 The Schoolhouse Theater

Multi-instrumentalist and singer Doctor Noize takes audiences of all ages inside the creative process with his positive, high-energy, interactive show and inspires them to embrace their own creativity.

Doctor Noize is a singer and multi-instrumentalist with a passion for interactive pop/rock. With a degree in classical music from Stanford, he dazzles and inspires audiences to be musicians and creators themselves. With his one-man-band of instruments and deep expertise in electronic music looping technology, the Doc arranges and records music live and lets every kid know “you can be a big star, you can have your own act” in his “Doctor Noize Live!” show.

To see a sneak peek of the Doctor Noize show, CLICK HERE.

About the Family Discovery Series
Looking to introduce your little ones to new experiences? Then this series is perfect for you! Each show is affordably priced and under 60 minutes, to give your kids a taste of all that is great about the arts. A lifetime of enjoying the arts starts one Discovery at a time!

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Vitalant (formerly known as Bonfils)
Vitalant (formerly known as Bonfils)

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