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Family Discovery Series: Little Red Riding Hood – The Case of the Little Hood in Red

Presented by Parker Arts

Jan 18, 2020 The Schoolhouse Theater

This performance of Little Red Riding Hood: The Case of the Little Hood in Red is our own unique take on the classic fairy tale.  “Woodsman, P.I.” goes on the search for the Little Hood in Red.  Along the way, they will meet many of the strange and silly creatures living in the Fairy Tale Forest.  We can only hope that they find our little hood (who clearly doesn’t like to follow her granny’s directions) safe and sound.  That won’t be the case if the Big Bad Wolf has anything to do with it!

This participation play brings students out of the audience to play all of the roles in the show!  No rehearsal is necessary, because our storyteller will feed everyone lines as part of the narration. This is an exciting way to bring everyone into the action and get a taste of performing on stage.

About the Family Discovery Series
Looking to introduce your little ones to new experiences? Then this series is perfect for you! Each show is affordably priced and under 60 minutes, to give your kids a taste of all that is great about the arts. A lifetime of enjoying the arts starts one Discovery at a time!

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Vitalant (formerly known as Bonfils)
Vitalant (formerly known as Bonfils)

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